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Hello, I'm Trev Teasdel and this the hub to my various Creative and archive sites (click the menus above). 

New Book by Ruth Cherrington -
Dirty Stop Outs - Coventry Music and Entertainment Venues in the 1970's.

 Ruth's new book, published November 2017, contains material from my Coventry Music Archive site - Hobo and features Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts Magazine (1973 - 75) as well as many memories from people who frequented, organised or played at the venues.

The book is available from Waterstones and HMV in Coventry and of course from Amazon UK HERE

You can read a review of the book by Pete Clemons HERE


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Power Chord Primate METAL Version - Written and played by Trev Teasdel

"I was born to be wild, a wild thing running free, a bowler-hatted Steppenwolf on the steep Steppes of Santa-Anyplace. I rode a six string saxophone with a left-field pickup truck, swinging in the trees and looking to get lucky. A power-chord primate with intuitive ignition, I radioed my intentions intensely. I was Lay Lady Lay in a lay-by near Las Lascivious fretting over her laid-back arpeggios. Nothing makes sense in a wild town, you have invent all your own meanings and feed them back down, town to town. I wasn't born to be understood, I peeled the fruit of life on the run. Outside Sacramento we were Monkey Magnifico, our amps ran off with the lost chord of the planet and the audience were torn between ovation and disgust. Well that's rock n roll for ya!!


  • Songs from the Coventry Underground Trev's CD published by Broadgate Gnome in 2007 contained 17 of his songs,recorded often on cassette or portastudio in the 70's and 80's, often at the writing stage, solo or with other musicians.The CD was a limited edition but this blog has the lyrics /videos and song stories.
  • Electra's Boudoir- Trev's Selected Lyrics 1966 - 2016 I started out writing song lyrics for myself, bands and even one set to music by Pete Waterman in 1970. These lyrics often have a poetic sensibility and represent a body of work that led to my other creative output. Audio versions attached to the site too.
  • Poet Reprobate This site contains most of the surreal,creative  flashing fictions, stories and poems used for performance or written on social media and links to audio versions and my ebooks.
  • Trev's free Poetic ebooks on Issuu Read them on line or download them.
  • Trev's songs and music on Vimeo
  • Trev's Photography  I take creative and scenic photos of the North Yorkshop Moors and surround areas. I've yet to settle on a definitive page for the many photos but these are some of the pages I have at the moment.


These are the Hobo (Coventry Music and Arts Magazine) archives. In 1969 I got involved with the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club and co-ran the band nights and later the poetry and folk sessions. In 1973 I created Hobo Magazine and Workshops in the days before Two Tone broke through.

The link is a hub to the following related sites - but you can also click the links to the individual sites below.

My sons are descendants of Locomotive Pioneer Timothy Hackworth and their maternal grandmother - Joan Hackworth Weir / Parsons left a case full of Hackworth archives in her loft. I created a site for them with the hard copies earmarked for the Hackworth Family Archives at the National Railway Museum in York. There is also a site - yet to be finished dedicated to one of Timothy's sons John Wesley Hackworth (Joan's forbear) who at the age of 16 /17 took the first Locomotive built by Hackworth, to Russia.

Two sites there


In archiving my literary and creative writing work on Teesside over the years i came across the work of 19th C Stokesley born poet, author, printer, publisher. People's Historian and Chartist George Markham Tweddell aka Peter Proletarius and his wife, a dialect poet, Elizabeth Tweddell aka Florence Cleveland. They were fascinating people! George grew up in poverty and dedicated his work to the People's cause but via his estranged father, he was descended from the Markhams,his great grandfather being Archbishop Markham of York Cathedral and the Markhams trace the heritage back to John of Gaunt and have the genes of both Plantagenet kings AND Oliver Cromwell! I had the privilege of working with Paul Tweddell in researching the history of the Tweddell and publishing their poetry.George also wrote the Bards and Authors of Cleveland and South Durham in 1872, documenting centuries of literary history from the Tees to Whitby.

Three main sites here - 


One site is the Creative Writing / literary history of the Tees and surrounding area from 1960 to the present, centred around the archives of Outlet Magazine which we ran between 1986 and 1991. The site was in existence before but the hosting ceased and so is in the process of being rebuilt and there is a book in progress. These archives include most of the venues,magazines,festivals, writers groups and courses that i and others have been involved with over the years.

The second, also in progress,is Bards and Authors, inspired by George Markham Tweddell and building on his work.The Tees area from Hartlepool to Whitby arguably saw the beginnings of English Literature. Much work to do on these sites again!


Myself and other former pupils of this former Camp school have collated a huge archives of the school,originally known as Wyre Farm Camp School in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.The was part of over 30 camp schools created just before WW2 and which functioned initially as evacuation camps but which later became Secondary Modern Boarding schools run by the local authorities for working class kids from some of the big cities. These are the archives and memories of the Coventry school in Cleobury Mortimer.

Some of the other blogs that I have done for fun or to facilitate other creative people I know.

  • Elvis, The original Versions There is a great musicology behind many of the songs that Presley covered and this site explores some of them and some of the versions that went before his.
  • Colin Richardson Colin Richardson was the guy from the Bron Agency that brought many of the bands to the Lanchester Polytechnic (now Coventry University) festivals and gigs in the early 70's but he was also a jazz musician who managed Colosseum and the New Jazz Orchestra and was also a Night Manager for the Marquee Club in 1965 working with some top names.Later he was a music journalist interviewing Nilsson,Genesis, Paul McCartney and many others. There is a full interview with him on the Hobo sites Part 1 of 7 can be found here http://covdiscoarchive.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/colin-richardson-interview-part-1.html (and the other parts are in the side bar).The toplink is to his own very intersting blog which I helped him set up.
  • The other blogs are on this page https://trevteasdelcreative.blogspot.co.uk/p/more-trev-blogs.html